Alfamacchine SH200 Manual Press for press fix hangers

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9554 Alfamacchine SH200 Manual Press for press fix hangers

A multi-purpose manual press to install many items of press-fix frame hangers and hardware

This highly refined machine is made in Italy by the precision engineering company Alfamacchine, who are famous for their high-quality picture framing equipment. This machine is designed to help medium volume framers speed production, improve product quality and reduce labour costs.

The clever design of the lever action means that one easy downward movement of the handle creates a significant amount of pressure. This squeezes and sets the starburst fixings on the press-fix hardware. It works on hardboard, MDF and on firmer paper boards. 

The SH200 manual press requires the Back Gauge 9562 for hanging systems. Locator bars 9560 for MDF strut back hinges and a complete kit 9561 (including locator disc) for fitting steel strut hinges.

Locator discs shown below are easily interchangeable and are specific to the hanger or hinge.

9075 Locator disc for strut hinges

9074 Sawtooth Hanger 

9122 1 Hole Hanger

9071 2 Hole Hanger

9072 3 Hole Hinged hanger

9073 4 Hole Hanging plates

9593 6 Hole Hanging plates 

More info:

PUB043 Information on the full range of Alfamacchine press-fix hangers and presses

How efficient is the SH200? Output will vary depending upon the skill of the operator and the efficiency of bringing parts to the machine and taking finished work away. As a guide, an operator should be able to fix hangers to around 200 boards in an hour. It substantially reduces labour costs for a modest investment and is easy to use with minimal training.

See the SH100 9070 that also fixes Rivets.

The Alfamacchine SH200 machine was known until late 2019 as the Pozzi PG-38-3000. All parts are and will continue to be interchangeable.

Product information updated December 2020


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PUB043 Alfamacchine Self-Fix Frame Hardware

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