Stick Peel and Re use Bathroom Hooks 10 packs of 4

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9576C Stick, Peel and Re use Bathroom Hooks 10 packs of 4

Work on most hard, flat surfaces - such as ceramic tiles, glass, mirror, marble, steel and enamel. Perfect for bathrooms and showers

No drilling, so ideal for temporary and permanent use in bathrooms, kitchens, clean rooms – in fact, almost anywhere. Clear plastic helps them blend into wall colour. Won’t yellow.

Peel away the backing film and stick to any hard, clean, grease-free surface. Can be removed at any time. To re-use, wash the hook’s adhesive surface under a tap to remove any fluff, dirt and similar. Dab it dry and keep for re-use.

Use in pairs for larger items. No nails, pins or screws required – no damage to walls. Each takes up to around 4kg and won’t suddenly fail, as vacuum hooks can do. Use between 10°C and 40°C. Clear adhesive back is 70 x 70mm, hook is 25mm wide. The plastic adhesive can easily be trimmed, but this may affect load capacity.

Use bathroom hooks to hang pictures, towels, squeegees, shower caps, signs and similar in bathrooms, kitchens, offices and showrooms.

Peel backing paper and stick to any hard, clean, grease-free surface. Press firmly for at least 30 seconds. Wait an hour before first use, but overnight is better. Do not use over beds or anywhere where failure may cause injury.

Works on many painted surfaces, but may peel paint when removed.

9576C  ‘Stick, Peel and Re-use’ bathroom hooks. Ten packs of 4 hooks, 40 hooks total

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