Cleat Strips Interlocking 150mm 10 pairs

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9758 Cleat Strips Interlocking 150mm / 6” 10 pairs

For fast, level and secure hanging of frames and mirrors. Cleat Strips, also often known as Z Bar Hangers, are a quick and easy to hang frames and mirrors safely and level. Strips are fixed to the wall, facing up, and to the back of the frame facing down. The strip on the frame simply slots into the strip on the wall

A big advantage is that the strips allow the weight of the frame to be spread over several screws in the wall and in the frame. They work with many wood and polymer frames. A strip on the wall can engage in the channel of an aluminium frame. Short strips can be used to hang hi-fi speakers on walls.

These new style Cleat Strips are stamped from high-grade aluminium, 25mm wide. They have oval screw holes, 5mm dia x 8.5mm every 51mm / 2”. You can fix them end-to-end for longer installations. Typical safe load is 3kg per screw. Made in USA by AMS.

When installed, total height of a pair is about 42mm and the frame sits less than 5mm away from the wall.

To secure a frame, fit a T-Screw or a SpringLOCK at the bottom of the frame.

9758  Cleat Strips Interlocking 150mm / 6”  Pack of 10 pairs

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