Bumpers Polyfibre 3mm self adhesive 15mm square pack 1000

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9775 Bumpers Polyfibre 3mm self adhesive 15mm square pack 1000

Cream coloured bumpers made with felt-like polyfibre material in 15mm squares. The soft material is un-dyed, so minimal chance of scratching or staining a wall surface

Place them on the bottom corners of a framed picture or mirror, to allow air to flow behind to minimise build-up of dust and to resist movement.

Polyfibre bumpers come in pairs on a backing paper, ready to pick up from the bag, peel and stick to the frame. In bags of 100 pairs / 200 bumpers and 500 pairs / 1000 bumpers. One backing paper has two bumpers. They are self-adhesive and ready to use.

9775  Bumpers Polyfibre  3mm thick, 15mm square. pack 1000

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