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XXL Clear Cutting Mat 5mm 915 x 1200mm

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9900 XXL Clear Cutting Mat 5mm 915 x 1200mm

• Three BIG sizes

• 5mm thick and soft to touch

• Protects your blades and the table top

• Have a “self-healing” surface, when used with scalpels

• Use both sides for extra life

• You can trim to actual size and shape required

• Resists most chemical liquids 

• In stock and ready to despatch worldwide

• Packed rolled tight, in a stout shipping carton. Unroll and leave in a warm room over night to flatten 

• Can be produced to special sizes to order, in widths from 100mm to 220mm, up to 20m

Smooth, clear, cutting mats for your work table

XXL transparent and flexible cutting mats allow you to cut and trim while protecting your blades and your work table.

Your knives and blades will cut smoothly through your workpiece and skim the clear mat, giving you a comfortable and precise cut. Thanks to the its self-healing characteristics fine cuts will fade away and not interfere with your next project. 

After many cuts, you can flip the mat over to start with a new untouched surface, doubling the lifetime of the cutting mat.

Why are these extra-large size clear cutting mats so inexpensive?

We buy directly from the mat producer and import in bulk. That helps keep cost down and makes these amazing XXL mats cheaper and better than the traditional style 3mm semi-hard opaque mats.

We offer a choice of three ready-to-use XXL clear cutting mats from stock. See also: 

9901       1500 x 1000mm

9902       1000 x 2000mm

See also, traditional style 3mm opaque mats:

2907       300 x 230mm

You can also order them cut to size with any width between 1000mm and 2200mm at increments of 10 cm. The length can be up to 20m. Delivery normally 4 to 6 weeks. Ask us for a special price here

Product introduced June 2018



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