Corner Protectors Cardboard Cami 11mm Box of 1450

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9912 Corner Protectors Cardboard Cami 11mm Box of 1450

For frames up to 11mm deep. Length of corner 57mm.

All corners are packed in standard size boxes, for easy handling and storage. Boxes clearly labelled for easy selection.

All corners are punched out, ready to lift out of the box, fold up and push on.

High quality micro-fluted board, 1.8mm, off-white on the outside for a quality look. Brown on the inside.

Board precision cut and scored for easy folding and assembly. Fold in one or both tabs to best suit the moulding thickness and style. These often hold them in place without staples. Secure with handywrap, 2884, or shrink wrap.

In boxes, convenient for storage and access: 210 x 325 x 475mm  7.30 kg

Seven sizes, for frames with mouldings between 11mm and 75mm thick.

9913       Corner Protectors cardboard 15mm Box of 1450

9914       Corner Protectors cardboard 19mm Box of 1225

9915       Corner Protectors cardboard 24mm Box of 1000

9916       Corner Protectors cardboard 29mm Box of 1000

9917       Corner Protectors cardboard 37mm Box of 300

9918       Corner Protectors cardboard 50/70mm Box of 250

9919       Samples pack, 14 corners, 2 of each size

See also: Translucent Plastic Corner Protectors.

Product introduced July 2018


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