Morso Bottom Knives 1 pair

Morso Bottom Knives 1 pair
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2860 Morso Bottom Knives 1 pair

Most framers are familiar with the pair of very sharp blades on a Morso mitre guillotine. They move up and down and need regular sharpening.

They are often less familiar with the pair of Square Edge knives lower down, which are fixed. The sharp blades slide against the square edges helping ensure the very clean cuts that a Morso is famous for.

The bottom knives very rarely need attention or changing. However, when changing the sharp blades, it is good practice to loosen and ease the lower blades away from the moving blades – the bolt holes are over-size to allow for adjustment. For safety, use a long T-handle 5mm hex key. 

Then, after fitting the sharpened moving upper blades, hold them down with the pedal while you push the lower square edge knives up to them. They should be very lightly touching. Test with a sheet of paper – the blades should cut a nice notch.

Square Edge knives are: 196mm o/a x 40.5mm wide. Thickness is 10.9mm.

Safety tip:

Before you remove the moving blades, plan a suitable safe surface to lay them down on.

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