Picture Hanging Template

Picture Hanging Template
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9965 Picture Hanging Template

A huge sheet of paper printed with a very clever coloured grid. It is divided into 6mm/¼” squares, and the four colours repeat every 4 squares.

Designed to help when precision hanging groups of items, just lay them face up on the sheet & adjust positions to suit. Draw round them and take a photo. Turn them face down, work out and mark where to put the pin for each hook. Tape the sheet onto the wall and mark the hole positions. Note; the paper template is not washable, we recommend using different colour markers for multiple use.

914mm x 1524mm / 3ft x 5ft


1) Unfold the template and lay flat on a level surface.

2) Place items you wish to hang on the template in the position you'd like them to be hung on the wall. Line up the top of the item with a horizontal line and an edge item with a vertical line.

3) Use the grid lines to set the distances between items. Each line is 6mm spaced apart. Each of the same colour line is 25mm apart.

4) Using a pen or marker, outline your items onto the template.

5) Once outlined, turn each item over and place upside down in its position. Measure the hangers on your items and mark them on the template. This is where you will place your nails or hooks.

6) If your item has picture hanging cord or wire then mark where you would like the nails or hooks to go. On larger items we suggest using 2 hooks, evenly spaced apart.

7) Remove your items from the template.

8) Hang the template on your wall where you will be hanging you items. Adjust the template into the exact position you would like to hang the items.

9) Level the template using a spirit level.

10) Once satisfied with the layout and positioning, hammer picture hooks into the wall where you have marked the hook locations on the template.

11) When all hooks have been placed, remove the template from the wall.

12) Hang your items on the positioned picture hooks.

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