GAINSBOROUGH Conditioner 237ml

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4558B GAINSBOROUGH Conditioner 237ml

Gainsborough’s Conditioner is used for reconditioning dried and brittle canvas on old oil paintings.

Apply to the back of the canvas and allow to penetrate. Wipe off excess with Neutralizer, 4559. Do not line or patch painting for two weeks after use to ensure good adhesion. Do not use on newly inpainted or varnished paintings.

4558B  Gainsborough Conditioner 237ml #PC-1020

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Gainsborough Traditional Oil Painting Restoration Materials

Gainsborough products are designed for use in the restoration of oil paintings.

Many are old European museum formulas, carefully compounded with the finest ingredients, manufactured to the original specifications under scrupulous batch by batch control.

Gainsborough Products has supplied fine oil painting restoration and conservation supplies to art restoration professionals since 1974.

LION cannot accept any liability for problems arising from mis-use of these specialised materials.

More info:

PUB028 Oil Painting Restoration Materials

PUB032 Repairing a Damaged Canvas

PUB033 Cleaning an old Oil Painting

PUB065 Selecting the right Varnish Remover

Gainsborough Conditioner Safety Data Sheet


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4558B Gainsborough PC-1020 Conditioner MSDS

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PUB032 Repairing a Damaged Canvas

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PUB033 Cleaning an old Oil Painting

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PUB028 Oil Painting Restoration Materials

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PUB065 Selecting the right Varnish Remover

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