32mm Minerva M155 Antique Ivory 141m Box 25p per metre



This product is no longer available.

32mm Minerva M155 Antique Ivory Box of 141m Frame Moulding

£0.25 per metre!

A Minerva moulding finished with lightly embossed gloss and brushed foils to create a contemporary look.

  • Last chance to buy
  • £50 per box or buy any 5 or more at £40 per box

Minerva Mouldings

What is Minerva?

Minerva is premium quality extruded polymer moulding.

• Minerva is extruded slowly - this give better definition and consistency to the profile, and an even core structure.
• All Minerva mouldings have a foil finish, many are enhanced by embossing and a spray patina.

Why use Minerva?

• Great design and value.
• Consistent and high quality finishes.
• Uniform 2.87m lengths and standard box quantities.
• Excellent core quality, cuts well on a Morso mitre guillotine.


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