Panel Hanging Plates BB Angled 100mm x 100mm 5 pairs

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9978A Panel Hanging Plates BB Angled 100mm x 100mm 5 pairs

With micro-sawtooth. Self-adhesive

Made to our design and specification in EU, these unique new Panel Hanging Plates have angled hanging bridges with micro-sawtooth edges. This has the effect of making them very easy to level simply by pushing the panel a little bit side-to-side. Standard panel hanging plates are designated B, etc. The angled panel hanging plates are the same sizes and are designated BB, etc.  

They are self-adhesive with easy-peel backing paper and are fitted to panels in handed pairs. Take care to always prepare the panel surface with a solvent wipe before sticking the plates in place. 

The Angled Plates sit on almost any firm hooks, nails or screws in the wall. Our new V Hooks for pictures (10228, available April 2020) are ideal for them.

Estimated safe working load, based our experience and judgement, 5.4kg when used in pairs.

Bumpers, not included, can be placed at each bottom corner to help the panel hang flat on the wall.

9978A  Panel Hanging Plates BB Angled 100mm x 100mm  Pack of 5 pairs

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The Panel Hanging Plates Angled are Registered European Community Design No. 007463690-0001 Hanging Plate for LION Picture Framing Supplies Ltd 

Product introduced February 2020


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TypeHanging plates
ForPanel hanging
Max Load5.4kg