Angled Panel Hanging Plates FF 80 x 80mm pack 5 pairs

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9980A Angled Panel Hanging Plates FF 80 x 80mm pack 5 pairs

One of the best ways to prepare art and graphics on flat panels for hanging is to apply Angled Panel Hanging Plates

They are flat self-adhesive steel plates with angled micro-sawtooth hanging bridges. When Angled plates are fitted to the back of a panel it can be easily levelled by a little lift and a nudge side-to-side.

Adhesive & application:

-  Made to our design and specification in EU, the unique Angled Panel Hanging Plates are backed with a high-quality thin polyethylene foam pad with aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. The paper release liner is slightly larger than the plates to make for easy peeling. Take care to carefully clean the panel surface with a solvent wipe before positioning the plates

-  Apply plates only to clean, dry, flat, dust-free and non-porous substrates. Not suitable for soft surfaces such as paper, mountboard, or similar

-  Angled Panel Hanging Plates sit on almost any firm hooks, nails or screws in the wall. Bumpers, not included, can be placed at each bottom corner to help the panel hang flat on the wall

-  Estimated safe working load, based our experience and judgement, is 3.4kg when used in pairs. Plates are 1.03mm zinc-coated steel. Panel Hanging Plates should not be used with cord or wire

9980A  Angled Panel Hanging Plates FF  80 x 80mm  pack 5 pairs

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More info:

LION Angled Panel Hanging Plates are Registered European Community Design No. 007463690-0001 Hanging Plate for LION Picture Framing Supplies Ltd 

Product information updated April 2021


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TypeHanging plates
Max Load3.4kg