Mitred Face Sanding Tool

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10152 Mitred Face Sanding Tool

Smooths sawn end-faces of mitred moulding

When using a hand mitre saw, the end-faces of the moulding are often not too smooth or flat. This tool can help you sand them smooth, to help give a better quality join.

You should also check each pair back-to-back for length and sand any that are touch too long. Each pair must be exactly the same length. 

The base has a protractor guide fence which is marked for 45° each way. Hold the mitred moulding in place on the fence and slide the sander to smooth the face.

Tip: Draw three light pencil lines across the face. Once they have all faded equally, it's time to stop sanding.

In use, you can sand one end of each of the four frame pieces then swing it round to do the other ends.

The sanding block is nicely shaped with a side glider to prevent the sanding belt rubbing on the base plate. The sanding belt fits over the block and a spring device keeps it in tension.

Base of sander is 235 x 182mm, with 3.8mm holes to fix it to a baseboard. Protractor fence is 145mm long, sanding block is 125mm long. Made in UK.

Sanding belts are 40mm wide. 4 belts are supplied with the tool.

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Product information updated April 2020


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