Foam Board 3mm 1524mm x 1016mm 40 sheets

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5346B Foam Board 3mm 1524mm x 1016mm 40 sheets

Bright white foam board with a neutral pH

Non-toxic, CFC free foam board with super smooth clay-coated paper on both faces. This foam core board is suitable for many framing, display, presentation and hobby tasks.

5346B  Foam board 3mm 1524mm x 1016mm / 60" x 40"  40 sheets

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What is foam board?

+ Lightweight graphic art board, with a high-density polystyrene foam core and liner papers on the faces.
+ Light, durable and flat with good structural strength and moisture resistance. It has all kinds of applications in photo mounting, picture framing, displays and merchandising, printing, mounting and laminating.
+ This foam board is totally CFC free, pH neutral and contains no toxins or harmful substances.
+ Available in a variety of liner combinations of paper, plastic coated paper self-adhesive and aluminium layered.

How is foam board made?

+ Polystyrene foam core is extruded, loosely rolled up and left in a store for 30 days to allow it to out-gas.
+ Specially formulated EVA based emulsion adhesives permanently bond the polystyrene foam to the paper liners.
+ After the boards have been laminated, they are dried, cooled and then sized with an automated cutter.

Tips for using foam board

Foam board can be cut in a number of ways. When using a blade such as a Swann Morton scalpel or Stanley knife ensure the blade is sharp to give a nice clean cut. Sheet material cutters such as the Keencut Simplex and Keencut Evolution3 will improve your workshop efficiency when cutting foam board in larger volumes. Foamwerks cutting tools are recommended for cutting custom shapes for use in object framing and modelling.

Store boards flat in an area where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate to ensure they don't bow.

Made in South Korea.

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