MountCor for Paper 5mm 1016mm x 813mm Foamboard 5 sheets

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10281 MountCor for Paper 5mm 1016mm x 813mm Foamboard 5 sheets

Lower temperature heat activated adhesive foamboard for mounting of art on paper

MountCor for Paper bonds at around 65°C. MountCor for Canvas and heavy textured papers has a thicker coating of adhesive and bonds at around 70°C. These are much lower temperatures than most other heat-activated adhesive materials. Dwell time around 65 seconds. 

- The specially formulated MountCor adhesive is acid-free, inert and designed for long-term preservation of the art. The bond is permanent with no risk of lifting over time.

- Each board has its own single-use translucent release paper which guarantees no debris or left-over adhesive gets onto the print. The printed grid helps accurate alignment of the art to speed trimming.

- Gilman Brothers both manufacture the high-density foamboard and coat it in their family-owned plant in US which guarantees consistent quality. The rigid 5mm foamboard has a super smooth surface and is coated with the special heat-activated adhesive using special air-release technology to eliminate any ‘orange peel’ effect. That is something which is often found with pup core boards.

- MountCor works with most heated flat-bed and vacuum presses as well as with heated roller presses.

- MountCor for Paper is safe for mounting most artwork on paper. The lower bonding temperature greatly reduces risk of the artwork image being damaged. It can be safely used for mounting:

• Posters and prints, litho printed

• Digital prints and prints from toner copiers, laser printers and plotters

• Water borne, solvent, UV and latex inkjet inks

• Resin coated and digital photo papers

• Polyester encapsulated charts and maps

MountCor boards are made with two different coating thicknesses:

• MountCor for Paper, which bonds at about 65°C

• MountCor for Canvas and heavy textured papers. This has a thicker coating of adhesive and bonds at around 70°C

Both versions of MountCor are on white, 5mm thick high-density foam board. Each has a one-time use translucent release paper to keep the adhesive surface clean.

Sheets are 1016mm x 813mm. Buy as single sheets on LION Mixed Mountboard Despatch. Or it can be ordered in packs of 5 sheets.

10274 MountCor for Paper 5mm 1016mm x 813mm Foamboard 5 sheets

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Product info updated March 2021


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