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10306 T Screw Companion Tool

Unique new tool which makes it easy to mark the position for a T Screw when installing wood frames

The tool simply clips into any Slotted Plate on the frame. When pressed against the wall, the hardened point leaves a small dimple mark in the surface.

With a normal installation, it is simple to measure the slotted plates at the top of the frame and mark the T Screw positions on the wall. Tip - place Post-its on the wall, mark and drill though them. Then hang the frame and check for level.

To mark the Top Hook positions and T Screw position at the bottom, simply push the T Screw Companion tool into the Slotted Plate and press the frame to make the dimple, then pull it out. Lift off the frame, drill and insert the bottom T Screw, then finish the installation.

T Screw Companion Tool is 88mm x 22mm. Made of spring steel 0.78mm with black finish. 6mm hole for lanyard. Designed by AccuMount Tools in USA and subject to a Patent Pending.

10306  T Screw Companion Tool for wood frames

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