T400 Circular Saw Blade for Wood Mouldings 400mm x 30mm 120 Teeth by Freud

T400 Circular Saw Blade for Wood Mouldings 400mm x 30mm 120 Teeth by Freud
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Diameter: 400mm


10365 T400 Circular Saw Blade for Wood Mouldings 400mm x 30mm 120 Teeth by Freud

Framers with circular saws know the benefits of mitre cutting with good quality, sharp, blades on a well set-up saw

The TiCo tungsten carbide tooth format is engineered to suit most wood picture mouldings. Freud are a world leader in cutting blade manufacture with over 56 years expertise and manufacturing know-how. Their blades benefit from many special quality features: 

Freud’s own specially formulated high-density combination of titanium and cobalt carbide is manufactured in-house. Gives maximum precision and longer-lasting sharpness of the cutting tips.

Super square tooth design
3.5mm wide and with tip thickness 30% greater than standard carbide tips to give up to 25 sharpenings. The grind is alternating points, with hook angle of 10 degrees. 

Tri-metal shock resistant brazing of TiCo blade tips
Copper between layers of silver gives an exceptional brazed bond to withstand extreme impacts, for maximum durability.

Anti-vibration slots
Laser-cut in the 3mm steel disc to use Freud’s innovative technology to reduce vibration and minimize noise. Also available with thermoplastic polyurethane filling, which further helps both. 

Automated blade balancing
A tensioning process guarantees maximum precision of the blade. During production, an automated system balances each individual Freud blade to minimise harmful vibrations.

Reduced blade friction
The Freud high performance ICE and anti-corrosive blade coatings help keep the blade temperature low. Gives superior protection against heat, wear and friction. The non-stick feature improves chip ejection and reduces resin build-up to extend the life of the blade.

The 10365 blade is 400mm diameter with 30mm hole and has 120 TiCo tipped teeth. It is for cross-cutting softer and harder wood mouldings without splintering to give a very smooth mitre cut. The bore with standard pinholes makes for speedy and accurate fitting. 

Manufacturer ref: LU1i 1200 / F03FS04688. Made in Italy.

This blade fits most saws using a 400mm x 30mm blade, including Alfamacchine, Cassese, Brevetti and others.

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