STAS Zipper Adjustable Picture Hooks pack 20

STAS Zipper Adjustable Picture Hooks pack 20
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5398B STAS Zipper Adjustable Picture Hooks pack 20

Zipper picture hooks slide onto Stas Cobra suspenders and are adjusted up and down by squeezing the sides

Zipper hooks are one of the most popular picture hooks for art hanging rail systems.

+ Zipper hooks are just 15.5mm front to back, thinner than others. This helps a frame hang closer to the wall. Overall size is 30mm x 24mm.

+ Zipper hooks work with Cobra 2.0mm Perlon translucent and 1.7mm and 2.0mm Steel cable suspenders. Also with other brands.

+ Squeeze sideways to adjust, release to self-lock

+ Works well with picture cord and wire and with most D-Ring and CWH hangers on the frame 

+ Stas Zipper hooks have recommended safe working loads:

  • on Cobra perlon translucent suspenders 15kg
  • on Cobra plastic coated white and black steel suspenders 10kg
  • on Cobra silver finish steel cable suspenders 20kg

+ Made from die-cast metal, polished. Stas ref #HA30501. Developed and patented by Stas and TUV approved.

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STAS Minirail Info Sheet.pdf - 1.76 MB


STAS Cliprail Max Info Sheet.pdf - 2.60 MB


STAS Cliprail Pro Info Sheet.pdf - 2.57 MB


STAS Drilling Template.pdf - 581.72 KB


STAS Cliprail Installation.pdf - 2.05 MB


STAS Uprail Info Sheet.pdf - 1.48 MB



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