Tool Balancer For Tools From 1kg - 2kg

Tool Balancer For Tools From 1kg - 2kg
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10377 Tool Balancer For Tools From 1kg - 2kg

Suspend tools from a hook or track above the workbench

The adjuster knob allows it to be set to match the weight of the tool. Careful adjustment allows the tool to be raised and ‘parked’, ready to be easily pulled down for the next operation.

Installing a balancer reduces operator fatigue and minimises the risk of a tool being dropped accidently.

This balancer is designed to take tools between 1kg and 2kg. The flexible wire hanging cable is 1600mm long. To increase load, turn knob anti-clockwise. To reduce load, pull knob out and it will turn clockwise. 

Balancer has a precision die-cast metal case 108mm diameter, 30mm deep. Tool balancer weighs 0.57kg, with two holes to hang, measuring 5mm and 7mm.

Hanging cable has rubber bumper, adjustable stop and substantial swivel with 55mm safety hook. 

On the tool to be hung, a suitable tie-wrap often works well.

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