Clear Acrylic Glass 2mm 1200mm x 815mm 1 sheet

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10383 Clear Acrylic Glass 2mm 1200mm x 815mm 1 sheet

Many framers and their customers prefer Optically Clear Acrylic Glass to traditional glass because of its optical clarity, shatter-resistance and light weight

Acrylic Glass is optically clear, allowing 92% light transmission, more than that of float glass which tends to be 90% or lower. Acrylic Glass is also tint free and visually colourless. Other glazing options such as styrene or float glass have a faint tint of green or blue.

Score and snap to size. Score heavily using a knife, scoring tool, or wall cutter. Place it with the scored line up, just over the edge of the workbench and apply pressure to cleanly snap.

Acrylic Glass has inherent UV resistance due to the UV stabilizer that is added to protect against ageing. This absorbs many of the damaging UV wavelengths in natural and artificial light. This Acrylic is not museum grade.

Commonly also referred to as Perspex, Plexiglass and Plastic Glass.

Features & Benefits:

+ Excellent optical clarity, 92%​ light transmission

+ Tint free and visually colourless

+ Shatter resistant and safe

+ Easy to cut and handle​

+ Lightweight compared to glass​

+ Consistently flat surface

​+ Harder surface toughness than styrene​

+ Inherent UV resistance

+ Plastic glass is ideal for artwork in high traffic areas​

Caution: It is advised to not use any normal glass cleaner on acrylic, styrene or polyester surfaces as it may cause hazing. See VuPlex

10383  Acrylic Glass Clear 2mm 1200mm x 815mm 1 sheet

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Product introduced July 2021

Mixed Sheet Despatch: Ordering sheet material from LION is easy, you don't have to order in full packs. Mix and match single sheets of mountboard and other selected sheet materials. You just need to order a mixture of at least ten sheets in total.


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