Airline Hose Kit 10m For Compressed Air

Airline Hose Kit 10m For Compressed Air
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10589 Airline Hose Kit 10m For Compressed Air

This kit enables users to assemble a complete airline hose 10m long using PCL fittings

One end of the hose will click into a quick release QR connector on the compressor. The other clicks onto the connector on an underpinner, air flexi-driver or similar. 

Kit contains:

1354 Braided Air Hose

1364 PCL QR Tail Hose

1360 PCL QR Body Hose

3086 PCL QR Body Male

1362 PCL QR Connector Tail

1478 PTFE Tape

10250 Hose Clip (x2)

Make up the Airline Hose Kit:

Remove and retain an existing QR connector from the compressor. Screw QR fitting 3086 into the female output on the compressor. Use PTFE tape.

Screw QR Tail 1362 into the underpinner or air tool. Use PTFE tape.

Connect the 1354 hose up, securing each end with a Hose Clip 10250. Test for leaks. Warming the end of the hose in a mug of hot water can help it slide on. Tighten clips with a screwdriver. 

Typically the output of a compressor should be adjusted to 6 bar for an underpinner and about 4.5 bar for hand tools. 

Important - use the White PTFE tape 1478

Where an airline fitting is to be screwed into another or to a tool, metal to metal, it is very important to wrap the white PTFE tape around the male thread about three times. To do it correctly hold the fitting in the left hand and wind the tape on with the right hand.

See also:

Ask about a special kit to allow the output of a compressor to be spilt to deliver two airlines, each at a different pressure.


More info:

Contact the LION Tech Team for advice in case of any problem. 



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