115mm 'Box Extender' Bare Wood Ayous FSC™ Certified 100% Frame Moulding

115mm 'Box Extender' Bare Wood Ayous FSC™ Certified 100% Frame Moulding
£7.50 Ex Vat per
In Stock (243 metres available)

Colour: Bare Wood

Depth: 115mm


L3504 115mm 'Box Extender' Bare Wood Ayous FSC 100% Frame Moulding

- Adds 108mm to frame depth - accommodates objects and memorabilia

- Rebated at the bottom for fixing backing in place

- Fix to frame using 4731 Multipoints, or another suitable method

- 15mm face will not be hidden by moulding rebate so a window mount is needed

- Timber: Ayous

- Made in Italy

- FSC 100% Certified

Colour & Grain: Consistent pale straw colour with even indistinct grain. Sometimes known as ‘obeche’.

Cutting & Joining: Ayous is easy to cut and join on professional framing equipment.

Finishing: Ayous is perfect for opaque finishes such as gilding and paint effects. Take a look at our wide range of finishing products.

Ordering bare woods: We take care to match the grain and colour between lengths as far as possible but it’s important to be aware that bare woods vary more widely than finished woods. They can also be a little more prone to warping and twisting.

Ordering chevrons?

As this moulding is particularly narrow we're unable to supply the usual chevrons. Instead we'll send a 190mm sample piece.


Ordering information

- Order in metres, we will round up to the nearest full length.

- Lengths vary between 2.5m and 3m.

- Approximate box quantity: 44m.

- Discounts available on full boxes, email us for a quote.


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