Morso Spare Blades Double Ended

Morso Spare Blades Double Ended
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1006 Morso Spare Blades - Double-Ended

Made by Morso using special steels produced in Austria, which gives them an excellent quality and a very long life.

Hardness of the brazed-in edge of Standard blades is Rockwell HR64 where others are often max. HR58.

Morso blades are a little more expensive than other brands but some say they will last up to 6 times longer. These blades do not fit Cassese mitre guillotines. Use 17mm socket spanner.

You should ideally have three pairs of blades - one on the machine, one ready to put on and one away for sharpening.

Normal blades, made so they can be fitted either way round to give twice as much use out of each regrind. They limit you to mouldings up to 40mm wide.

Change Morso blades in 8 steps:

1) Lock down the foot pedal using the pedal adjuster and a 17mm socket spanner.

2) Loosen bottom blades with a T-handled 5mm hex key and remove them.

3) Loosen and remove bolts on both sides, top and bottom ones first. Lastly, the middle bolt and carefully lift the blade out.

4) Clean the blade holder with a dry, lint-free cloth.

5) Fit the new blades, starting with the middle bolt. Only hand tighten at this stage.

6) Use a large flat-bladed screwdriver to adjust positioning so that the bottom edges of the blades are aligned.

7) Fully tighten the bolts in the upper blades with your socket spanner.

8) Adjust bottom blades so that they just meet the top blades. Work front to back while raising the blades with the foot pedal.

Now the fixed bottom blades should be a smooth fit again the moving blades. Re-fit rebate supports and top guard.



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