Frameless Clips Swiss style A for 7.5mm sandwich pack 100

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1617 Frameless Clips Swiss style A for 7.5mm sandwich pack 100

Often known as Swiss clips, they hold a sandwich of glass, print and backing board together to make a low-cost frame

To hold them in place, make 3mm holes in the backing board, 27.5mm from the edge. Use drill or a Hole Punch.

Always smooth the sharp edges of the glass - a Telum diamond abrasive pad is ideal. You can also use styrene or acrylic glazing

Insert a Ring & Clip hanger through a hole in the backing board and flatten out the clip. Put a piece of tape over the clip to help stop marking of the image on paper. 

1617  Frameless Frame Clips Swiss style A for 7.5mm sandwich  pack 100

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