Top Hook Plates 3mm Step pack 200

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2510 Top Hook Plates 3mm Step pack 200

This is one of two versions of the Top Hook Plate. Works with most wood and PS frames. The 3mm depth helps the frame slide into the Slotted Plates and sit flat against the wall. 

Use 2510 for Wood and PS frames:

Two Slotted Plates are fixed on the top edge of the frame and a third is fixed at the centre of the bottom. Two Top Hook Plates, 2510, are fixed to the wall in matching positions to hang the frame. A T-screw is inserted to engage with the bottom Slotted Plate to lock the frame to the wall. The 3mm step of 2510 helps the frame hang flat against the wall. 

Use 9986 for Aluminium frames:

Two Top Hook Plates, 9986, are screwed to the wall and the top of the frame hooks onto them. They fit into the channel of the frame and the 9mm step helps the frame sit flat against the wall. Use one near each end of the top edge. Lock the frame to the wall by inserting a T-screw into the wall to engage with the centre of the bottom edge.

2510  Top Hook Plates 3mm step  pack 200

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Product introduced February 2020


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