Spacer and Slip Cutters for Small Profiles

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2778 Spacer and Slip Cutters for Small Profiles

Spacers and slips are being used more often in higher quality frame designs. These heavy-duty cutters are handy when a square cut is needed. Also work well for mitre cuts

Cutting angle guide lines from 120°, through 90° to 60°. Then fences at 45°.

Cuts slips up to 6mm thick and 60mm wide square cut, less when at an angle.

Solidly made in steel with cast blade holder and cutting guide. Safety lock and comfort handles. 215mm long, 75mm wide, 400 gm.

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Product info updated June 2021


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Q: Please can you tell me what size beading will this cut and what is the difference between it and item 3764? Which is better?

The principles are the same for both, they will cut slips of plastic or wood. 3764 is a lightweight alternative to the more robust 2778 which is easier to use as it is handheld.

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