Logan Glass Cutter Elite 704-1

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3073 Logan Glass Cutter Elite #704-1

A hand held glass cutting tool using a hardened steel wheel and with an ergonomic handle. It fits onto the lip of many Logan and similar mountcutters. Pack includes small bottle of glass cutting fluid. Ideal for cutting glass up to about 2.3mm / 0.09” thick.

Works on most Logan mountcutters where the cutting head hooks on including Team Systems, Compact Series, Intermediate+, Artist Elite and Simplex series. Does not work with Logan 650 and 850 series.

Use with care, keep cutter clean and lubricate axle with a small drop of very light oil. Do not press too hard – it should ‘sing’ as you push. Do not go along the cut a second time as it can damage the wheel.

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More info:

Click here for the Logan Information Page from LION

You will find a full listing of the Logan blades range available from LION. Also, five illustrated books, all free to download, on picture framing, mount cutting, mount decoration and working with foamboard using FoamWerks cutting tools.

Product information updated April 2020


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