Lion Vapourmax Glass Cutting Fluid 50ml

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263 Lion Vapourmax Glass Cutting Fluid 50ml

- penetrates deep into the cut, keeping it ‘warm’, which helps improve cut quality

- lubricates the wheel and axle for reduced wear and flushes the glass dust

- perfect viscosity for hand cutters

- evaporates quickly, leaving minimal residue, which helps speed glass cleaning. Low odour

Works with all cutters, with or without a reservoir in the handle.

If you use a cutter without a reservoir, we suggest a glass jar with screw on lid. Pour some Lion Vapourmax onto a felt pad in the bottom. Stand the cutter in there when in use. When not in use, lay the cutter to one side and screw the lid on.

263  Lion Vapourmax Fluid 50ml

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1956  Lion Vapourmax Fluid 250ml


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