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GAINSBOROUGH Lining Compound 454g

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GAINSBOROUGH Lining Compound 454gm

Gainsborough’s Lining Compound is a museum formulated, pre-mixed wax-resin adhesive used in the traditional method of lining (adhering) an old oil painting to a new canvas. It is reversible by using heat.

Suggested for use in lining when a painting is flaking and shows bare canvas, has cracks that will soon lose paint, has multiple holes or tears, and / or has weak original canvas, which needs a new support. Also used for adhering a linen patch to repair a torn canvas.

Must be melted slowly at low heat (approximately 94°C/200°F/warm setting) in an electric fryer or melting pot. Its qualities are destroyed by overheating. A 1kg/2lb quantity in the pan helps give temperature stability. Apply melted Lining Compound on back of canvas and use a standard iron (max of 135°C, min 66°C) to cause the wax-resin to penetrate into the new canvas to create bonding.

Use Lining Compound Remover, 4560, to remove excess Lining Compound, or Neutralizer, 4559, if a milder product is required. #PC-1035

Gainsborough Traditional Oil Painting Restoration Materials

Gainsborough products are designed for use in the restoration of oil paintings. Many are old European museum formulas, carefully compounded with the finest ingredients, manufactured to the original specifications under scrupulous batch by batch control.

Visit: for more information and instructions.

LION cannot accept any liability for problems arising from mis-use of these specialised materials.



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