Fletcher ScoreMate for Scoring Plastic Glazing

Fletcher ScoreMate for Scoring Plastic Glazing
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2767 Fletcher ScoreMate for Scoring Plastic Glazing

The well proven ScoreMate has a specially shaped and hardened tip for scoring acrylic or styrene plastics.

To cut acrylic and styrene sheet up to about 4mm, first score a line where the cut is to be made. Place the sheet on a smooth flat and clean surface. Using a straight edge, apply even pressure and draw the ScoreMate towards you. Unlike glass, you can make multiple passes.

To break the scored sheet, there are two possible methods.

  • Place the scored sheet on a flat table with the scored line aligned with the edge of the table. Hold the sheet firm on the table with one hand and press down firmly on the projecting part with the other. Keep pressing until it snaps.
  • Using Fletcher Plastic & Glass & Pliers with their black plastic jaw covers, align the white line on the pliers with the scored line and squeeze until it starts to crack and run down the length of the score.

ScoreMate is Fletcher ref: 05 111

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Q: Hi, Is this tool suitable for scoring and cutting perspex?

A: Hi Michael, Yes this is suitable for scoring perspex. Best wishes, Julia

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