Mountboard Chevrons Display Unit

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2843 Mountboard Chevrons Display Unit

Standard mountboard display chevrons slip into the pockets, bevel up, so customers can see the quality of the faces and cores

Up to 20 chevrons can be removed and inserted very easily – no ‘Velcro’ or pegs to contend with. Alongside a wide range of chevrons displayed on a wall, the panels can prioritise popular or new colours.

The pale grey vinyl panels have 20 clear open-top pockets for chevrons. Panels are 655mm tall x 185mm wide.

The counter standing chevron display unit has twin panels, fixed either side of a vertical support and fitted so that they can rotate.

2843  Counter standing twin display unit for 40 chevrons

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2842  Mountboard Chevrons Display Panel for Wall. Takes 20 chevrons

Product information updated May 2020


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