MultiMaster Point Driver by Fletcher

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4730 MultiMaster Point Driver by Fletcher

The yellow Fletcher MultiMaster driver inserts the uniquely shaped twin barb bendable Fletcher MultiPoints. They are roughly rectangular in shape, with two barbs and a 4.5mm round hole. Ideal for when you want to stacked one frame into another.

To do that, insert them into the side of the lower frame and the twin barbs hold firmly into the wood. Then put screws through the holes into the upper frame. This holds them together, yet allows them to be easily dismantled. MutiPoints are bendable so can be used in place of flexis.

  • Perfect for attaching multiple mouldings, stacked or as liners, to form a frame
  • Easy-to-load magazine holds strips of 167 Fletcher MultiPoints
  • Spring adjustment for different moulding densities
  • 6 month Warranty

The Fletcher MultiMaster only inserts Fletcher MultiPoints.

4730  Fletcher MultiMaster  MultiPoint driving tool. Fletcher ref #07 800

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PUB096  Go to More Info to view the Fletcher Points & Drivers Info sheet

Product information updated April 2020


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