FrameMaster Rigid Point Driver by Fletcher

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446 FrameMaster Rigid Point Driver by Fletcher

The black Fletcher FrameMaster is a very well designed and engineered driver for rigid points, proven over many years. Body is made largely in industrial grade reinforced polymer. The steel insertion mechanism has a minimum of moving parts.

Unique patented design of the nosepiece ensures that the points are driven flush to the backing board when inserted into the wood or PS moulding. 

  • Fires framers points so that they sit flat on the backing board
  • Adjustable spring firing power to match moulding density
  • Precision firing, no jamming or double feeding
  • Note: Points are sold seperately
  • 6 month Warranty

The FrameMaster does not fire any flexis. See Fletcher FlexiMaster.

The Fletcher-Terry PullMate Tool is handy for quick and easy removal of Fletcher Framers or Glaziers Points from wood frames.

446  Fletcher FrameMaster rigid point driver.  Fletcher ref #07-555.

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More info:

PUB096  Go to More Info to view the Fletcher Points & Drivers Info sheet

Product information updated April 2020


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