PH7 70 Conservation Self Adhesive Tape 38mm x 66m roll

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4857 PH7-70 Conservation Self-Adhesive Tape 38mm x 66m roll

High quality white 70gsm kraft paper tape with acid-free pH neutral acrylic adhesive. PH7-70 tape has excellent ageing qualities.

High initial grab, which is helpful for art on heavier paper, and for working with textured or uneven paper and board surfaces. Self-wound, with no liner to remove, making for faster working.

PH7-70 is ideal for hinging low value prints and artwork into mounts. It can also be used for covering bevels.

Adhesive is reversible with Zest-It citrus solvent - tease up a corner and apply with a brush a little at a time.

A multiple-purpose adhesive tape which uses include: Hinging art, hinging mounts, lining frame rebates and frame sealing.

4857  PH7-70 Conservation Self-Adhesive Tape 38mm x 66m roll

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Click here to view PH7-70 Conservation Self Adhesive Tape MSDS

Working with self-adhesive materials in cold weather?

When the temperature drops remember to let self-adhesive tapes, PVA glues, boards and mounting films come up to room temperature before using them. Keep them that way for a few hours after application while the adhesives cure.


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