Hooks for Panels up to 21mm pack 10

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5032 Hooks for Panels up to 21mm pack 10

Suitable for many kinds of portable displays and art exhibitions

This fits over most panels up to 21mm thick. A block-end suspender slides through the hole or a loop-top suspender hooks over. These can be translucent perlon or steel cable, silver. Available in six sizes to fit over panels up to 31mm

Steel, white painted. Designed and manufactured by Basiq

See also the Panel Over-hook Flexi which quickly adjusts to panels 11mm to 30mm.

To hang, choose suspenders with block-end which slip through the hole in the Over-hook. Or use suspenders with loop-top which simply hook over the Over-hook.

On both perlon and steel cable, use adjustable hooks.

5032  Panel Over-hook up to 21mm WHITE pk 10

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