Alfamacchine 15mm Flexipoints Rigid 9600 Box



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4982 Alfamacchine 15mm Flexipoints Rigid 9,600 Box

Flexipoints are fired into the back of a frame against the backing board. Flexi Points hold the glass, backing, and artwork in place. They differ from standard points as they can be bent back to allow the frame backing to be removed.

Made of thicker steel, 0.50mm, these rigid tabs are often better than staples for assembling finished pictures.

They only fit the Omer 53.5 driver, or the Omer 53.4 fitted with the optional new rigid tab nose plate, 9672.

Black. 15mm x 0.50mm. Box of 9,600.

How to: Load flexis into your driver:

The pressing process makes each one very slightly rounded one way at the edges.

If you find that they jam in your driver, try re-inserting them the other way round.

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