Permagrip Liquid Adhesive 5L

Permagrip Liquid Adhesive 5L
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5916 Permagrip Liquid Adhesive 5L

Liquid PVA adhesive for bonding paper to board

Use with roller coaters or with a small paint roller. Use with care and test first.

Ideal for mount prints, posters and labels to board

• Repositionable for up to 2 minutes

• Acid-free, Non-toxic and Non-yellowing

• Dries to a permanent bond in 20 minutes

• Very unlikely to crack or peel

Do not allow to freeze.

Working with adhesive materials in cold weather? When the temperature drops remember to let self-adhesive tapes, PVA glues, boards and mounting films come up to room temperature before using them. Keep them that way for a few hours after application while the adhesives cure.


5916, 6097 Permagrip Liquid Adhesive MSDS.pdf - 232.64 KB



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