Logan Precision Mitre Sander Elite F200-2

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6072 Logan Precision Mitre Sander Elite F200-2

Moulding cut on a hand-mitre saw is placed in the guide and pushed against the heavy rotating disc while it is being turned. This gives the faces a smooth finish helping you create good corner joins. Takes mouldings up to 90mm wide.

The mitre sanding machine has a heavy 250mm / 10" diameter steel disc weighing 5kg. The discs has an abrasive disc bonded to it. The table top is fitted with a swinging steel guide bar which helps hold the mitred moulding at 450 The guide bar swings both ways.

The smooth bearings and the heavy weight mean that the disc turns steadily and evenly as it sands the mitre cut faces.

The disc sander helps correct the very slight incorrectness of typical saws that rarely cut a perfect 450 angle both vertically and horizontally. The sander helps correct that which is crucial to getting good tight corner joins. How much to sand? On each cut face, make three light pencil marks across the face. Sand just enough to fade all the marks.

It is also crucial that each mitred pair is exactly the same length. This is very easy to check and a few spins on the disc will soon trim the longer piece.

Made in USA  Supplier ref: #F200 2

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