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  • How to: Float Mount Art on Heavy Paper

    Float mounting is a technique often used in framing to enhance the art on heavier paper by revealing a deckle edge.

  • The Best Way to Join Hard Woods

    The Hoffmann Router routs timber to form a slot in each face of the mitred moulding.

  • How to Join Picture Frames

    Expertly engineered by Alfamacchine to become the bestselling foot operated underpinner in the world.

  • Introducing the Alfamacchine U200 Underpinner

    Foot Operated Underpinner from Alfamacchine for Quality Bespoke Framing.

  • Fit Removable Picture Frame Backs

    Manual and air powered flexipoint drivers for fixing a frame back in place.

  • How To Assemble an Aluminium Frame

    You will need mitre cut aluminium moulding, frame & join hang kit, backing board, mountboard, artwork and glazing.

  • Coil Fed Photo Frame Hanger Fixing Machine

    This proven machine is a fast and economic way to fix 2 Hole hangers to frame backing board.

  • 3 Ways to use St Ives Picture Frame Moulding

    Works alone or stacked with other mouldings to create a classic frame for art on paper, board and canvas.

  • Assembling a Wooden Tray Frame for a Canvas

    Adding a tray frame made using L Style Mouldings to a stretched canvas is easy and profitable. Frame a stretched canvas with a stylish L-Style moulding to create a Tray Frame.

  • Preparing a Canvas using Satin Coat for Inkjet

    Satin Coat (and Gloss Coat) give perfect finishes for perfect pictures. They protect the canvas surface from scuffing and moisture, and dry up to 97% optically clear. UV inhibitors help to reduce fading and extend the life of the image.

  • Create a Space Between Glass & Artwork

    Easy to use spacers create a gap between glass and artwork. Ideal for spacing unmounted tapestries away from glass.

  • Cutting Aluminium Frame Mouldings

    In this video we show you how to use the Inglet MT481 Single Mitre Saw - ideal for those cutting approx. 40 frames per day.

  • Attach Stand for a Free Standing Canvas

    Stretched canvas prints, as well as frames and printed panels, can be used for free standing display by attaching a Frame Stand. Specially made for small canvases these stands are very easy to attach with a screw and screwdriver.

  • Mounting and Laminating Paper Prints

    Cut over-laminate film to size. Adjust rollers and bond film to face of poster. Then cut cold mounting film to size and bond one side to back of poster. Finally re-adjust rollers. Apply over-laminated poster to foam board and trim.