Product Videos

  • Assembling a Wooden Tray Frame for a Canvas

    This much-anticipated one piece cassetta profile is for framing in the popular St Ives or Nicholson style.

    It works well alone, or stacked with other frame mouldings, to create a frame for art on paper, board and canvas.

    Open grain in black, white & grey finishes and a bare wood, to suit all pieces.

  • Attaching SUB15 Sub Frame to a Printed Panel

    A sub-frame is a secure method for hanging a Printed Panel, such as ChromaLuxe™. They support large & sometimes flexible panels and space them away from the wall to create an eye-catching shadow.

    LION have made your production even more speedy and efficient with the introduction of their SUB15 sub-frame profile with high quality adhesive tape pre-applied. Combined with using Moulded Push-In Corners, assembling your sub-frame couldn't be easier.

  • Assembling a Wooden Tray Frame for a Canvas

    Adding a tray frame made using L Style mouldings to a stretched canvas is easy and profitable. Frame a stretched canvas with a stylish L-Style moulding to create a Tray Frame.

  • Preparing a Canvas using Satin Coat for Inkjet

    Satin Coat (and Gloss Coat) give perfect finishes for perfect pictures. They protect the canvas surface from scuffing and moisture, and dry up to 97% optically clear. UV inhibitors help to reduce fading and extend the life of the image. View them here.

  • Fitting Self-Adhesive Panel Hanging Plates to Printed Panels

    Hang printed panels such as ChromaLuxe™ straight onto the wall by applying one or two self-adhesive Panel Hanging Plates. A range of sizes are available here.

  • Attaching a Sub-Frame to a Printed Panel

    Add depth and rigidity to a printed panel by attaching a Sub-Frame to the back.

    • Provides a way to hang the panel
    • Floats the panel away from the wall by 8mm, 15mm or 25mm - depending on the Sub-Frame profile used
    • Adds rigidity and substance to the panel

  • Assembling an Aluminium Tray Frame

    Frame printed panels, such as Chromaluxe™, in a contemporary style by creating a 'shadow gap' between the panel and the frame.

    See how easy it is to assemble your aluminium Tray Frame using Corner Hardware Kits that contain everything you need – all you have to own is a screwdriver!

  • Econospace® Create a Space Between Glass & Artwork

    Easy to use FrameTek Econospace spacers create a gap between glass and artwork. Ideal for spacing unmounted tapestries away from glass.

    • Easy to cut to length
    • Satin finish on one side and glossy on the other
    • Available in clear, white* & black in 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm & 9.5mm profiles.
    • Supplied in 1.524/5' lengths

  • Cutting Aluminium Frame Mouldings

    If you're producing aluminium frames in volume, we can supply you with the right cutting equipment and helps you set-up.

    In this video we show you how to use the Inglet MT481 Single Mitre Saw - ideal for those cutting approx. 40 frames per day. View the saw here.

  • The Fangle: Stronger Corners for Aluminium Frames

    The larger size makes it easier to align the mouldings and get a tight front join. The screws locate into indents in the bottom plates for extra strength.

    • Robust corner plates to join larger side-loader aluminium frames
    • Top and bottom L- plates are 51mm long, 12.85mm wide and a full 12.85mm thick.
    • The four 6mm slotted screws each locate into indents in the bottom plate, for extra strength
    • Fits all M-Series, L’Art, Nielsen and most other twin-plate side-loader profiles. A Fangle frame kit contains: Fangle plates, pr, x 4, CWH3 Hangers x 2, Bumpers x 2

    View here.

  • Framing Printed Panels with an Aluminium Art Frame

    Give a polished finish to printed panels, such as Chromaluxe™ by framing them with a contemporary aluminium frame profile. See how easy it is to assemble your aluminium frame using Corner Hardware Kits that contain everything you need – all you have to own is a screwdriver!

    See the full range of Aluminium Art Frames here. See our easy to use assembly & hanging kits here.


  • Attach Canvas Frame Stand for a Free Standing Canvas

    Stretched canvas prints, as well as frames and printed panels, can be used for free standing display by attaching a Frame Stand. Specially made for small canvases these stands are very easy to attach with a screw and screwdriver.

    To see this product online click here.
    To view all our Art and Canvas tools and accessories click here.

  • Mounting and Laminating Paper Prints

    Step 1: Cut Over-laminate film to size. Adjust rollers and bond film to face of poster. Trim.
    Step 2: Cut Cold Mounting Film to size and bond one side to back of poster. Trim.
    Step 3: Re-adjust rollers. Apply over-laminated poster to foam board and trim.