Daler Conservation 1.4mm Mountboard

Daler Conservation 1.4mm Mountboard

- Meets or exceeds FATG standard for conservation

- 1200mm x 815mm / 47" x 32"

- 1.4mm thick

- Face paper is acid-free, colourfast, resilient and bleed-resistant

- Cores are alpha-cellulose fibres. Soft natural white will stay white

- Alkaline-sized, acid-free and calcium carbonate buffered for enhanced durability

- Conservation boards are lignin-free with no optical brighteners

- Manufactured in the UK

Daler-Rowney have been producing a very wide range of quality mountboards in the UK for many years. Careful selection of all the materials and digital control of the manufacturing process ensures that all mountboards in their range are of the highest quality.

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