Fletcher 2200 Mountcutter

The professional quality F-2200 Straight Mountcutter has numerous unique features:

• Cutting head runs on three precision ball bearings, guided by the chromed steel shaft. The grips on the cutting heads have a soft touch coating. Blade cuts at 52°.

• Baseboard is made from non-warping aluminium.

• Running rail made of hardened aluminium, with an ultra hard-wearing black finish.

• Lifting bar has an ergonomic profile with a textured finish.

• Swappable blade holders. The blade holders slip in and out, and the bevel blade can be pre-set to depth. Bevel cut mat mount and foam board up to 10mm, straight cut up to 12mm thick.

• The back mount guide has multiple pin locator holes pre-set for borders from 38mm up to 200mm. The peg moves in 10mm steps. A block sits on the peg and rotates, to give fine adjustment of an extra 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 7mm. This means quick, accurate and repeatable margin setting, without having to read a scale.

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