Keencut Benches for Evolution Cutters

The Evolution Bench is a base table for the Evolution E2 and Evolution 3 Cutter Bar creating an accurate and versatile system for cutting all kinds of materials.

Evolution Bench has an aluminium base along the front edge onto which the the cutter bar fits. Once installed an 18mm worktop (not included) should be cut and fitted, using the included fixing brackets. There is a precision levelling system between the base and the cutter.

The Evolution Bench uses the Keencut Proteus frame system. This can be extended to provide greater work space or integrated with an existing Proteus workbench unit. With a total depth of 133cm the Evolution Bench provides ample layout space and the unique design of the Evolution E2 and Evolution 3 cutter bars allow it to be swung under the bench when not in use.

Bench includes cutter base, but not worktop. 18mm MDF is ideal.

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