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Keencut Ultimat Futura Mountcutters

The precision engineered Keencut Ultimat Futura combines advanced design with unique versatility to take manual mount cutting to an unrivaled level of accuracy and speed.

Precision Cutting Head
With swappable magnetic blade holders - switch to cut different thicknesses of board in seconds. No discernible friction for easy cutting of mountboard up to 3,5mm and 5mm foamboard.

Super Smooth Ball Bearings
The precision cutting head rolls on steel ball bearings gliding on twin steel tracks. Triple self-aligning, ball bearing, rollers operating on twin steel tracks. Bevel cuts at 52.5°.

Sliding Start-of-Cut Finger
The unique spring loaded measuring stop slides with the cutting head. When cutting mats large or small, square or rectangular, the stop does not need to be reset.

Unique ‘Micro-Stop’ Adjusters
On the ‘start of cut,’ ‘end of cut’ and ‘margin guide’ stops to dial out overcuts or undercuts.
Overcut - turn thumbscrew towards minus ()
Undercut - turn thumbscrew towards plus (+)

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