Morso Spare Blades

Made by Morso using special steels produced in Austria, which gives them an excellent quality and a very long life.

Hardness of the brazed-in edge of Standard blades is Rockwell HR64 where other brands are often max. HR58.

Morso blades are a little more expensive than other brands but some say they will last up to 6 times longer. These blades do not fit Cassese mitre guillotines. Use 17mm socket spanner.

You should ideally have three pairs of blades - one on the machine, one ready to put on and one away for sharpening.

ECO 60 Blades:
A lower cost alternative to the Standard blades.

Made from one solid piece of steel, with a hardness of HR 60. This compares with the Standard Morso blades which have a hardness of HR 64. This blade also fits Cassese CS55.

Importantly, only app 12mm of the edge material on ECO 60 blades is hardened, which reduces the number of possible re-sharpenings. Thus the total number of cuts and the life of the ECO 60 blades will be less than on the Standard blades.

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