Stand Offs for Acrylic

- Clamp two pieces of acrylic together if the ‘Sandwich Style’ of acrylic panel frame is to be used.
- A decorative way to space the panel away from the wall.
- Enable the panel to be hung; either from a Spring-Thingy© hanger or screwed directly to the wall.

The threaded screw on the cap passes through a the hole in the substrate you are using and screws into the cylindrical base. Our standard 5mm and 10mm acrylic panels have 9.5mm holes, inset from each corner. If you are using a single acrylic or sandwich style, make sure the Stand-Offs you choose are the correct size by checking the ‘Max panel thickness’ below.

The base has a hole in the end that allows a screw to pass through to fix the post to a wall, this requires very careful measurement and drilling and doesn’t allow for minor adjustments if the panel isn’t straight. If security isn’t an issue, the Spring-Thingy© hanger fixes to Stand-Offs and allows the customer to hang the panel from standard picture hooks.

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