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Somerset Photo Bright White Satin Inkjet Paper 300gsm

Made from 100% cotton linters, naturally acid free. It has a refined inkjet coating allowing the image to show incredible detail.

Deep velvety blacks are achieved with high D-max values and without mottle. The surface is smooth to the touch yet has a subtle underlying texture.

Somerset Photo is produced in St Cuthbert’s Mill from the whitest grade of natural cotton linters that are available. It is made on a traditional mould machine using natural woollen felts to impress the delicate surface texture.

Cotton is naturally acid-free and a minimal amount of OBA’s are used to help enhance the ‘Bright White’ appearance. This is a unique feature for a paper with a high whiteness tone, making it a high quality archival fine art inkjet paper.

• Works well on Matte ink setting
• Wide colour gamut
• Gives a subtly smooth satin finish to the image
• Great for photo images, giving them a fine art feel

App. £14.90 per sq. mt.


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