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Gainsborough Oil Painting Restoration Materials

Gainsborough products are designed for use in the restoration of oil paintings. Many are old European museum formulas, carefully compounded with the finest ingredients, manufactured to the original specifications under scrupulous batch by batch control.

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Part No: 3902

GAINSBOROUGH Lining Compound 454gm


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Part No: 3903

GAINSBOROUGH 'Complete Manual Of Oil Painting Rest..


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Part No: 4557

GAINSBOROUGH Varnish Remover 473ml


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Part No: 4558

GAINSBOROUGH Conditioner 473ml


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Part No: 4559

GAINSBOROUGH Neutralizer 473ml


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Part No: 4560

GAINSBOROUGH Lining Compound Remover 473ml


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Part No: 4778

GAINSBOROUGH Emulsion Cleaner 237ml


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Part No: 7166

GAINSBOROUGH Varnish Softener 473ml


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Part No: 7167

GAINSBOROUGH Mastic Varnish Remover 473ml


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Part No: 7168

GAINSBOROUGH Complete Patching Kit for Oil Paintin..


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Part No: 7169

GAINSBOROUGH Non-Penetrating Patching Kit for Oil ..


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Part No: 7170

GAINSBOROUGH Damar Gloss Varnish 237ml


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Part No: 7171

GAINSBOROUGH Picture Repair Putty 59ml


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Part No: 9229

GAINSBOROUGH Linoxyn Remover 237ml


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Part No: PC1050

GAINSBOROUGH Frame Glaze - Cold Gold 237ml


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Part No: PC1051

GAINSBOROUGH Frame Glaze - Warm Gold 237ml


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Part No: PC1052

GAINSBOROUGH Frame Glaze - Walnut 237ml


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