Inglet Verdi Twin Vertical Panel Cutter

VERDI TWIN has two cutting modes:

Vertical Power Saw Cutter

• Cut wood, aluminium, aluminium composite panels, PVC, acrylic, MDF, fluted plastic. Multiple panels up to 22mm.

Vertical Blade Cutter

• Powerful pneumatic actuator moves blade carrier. Joystick controls up and down movement. Uses a sharp blade to cut foamboard, Gatorboard, mat board, cardboard, etc.

Special Features of Verdi Twin

• Pneumatic-controlled clamping bar secures material during cutting. Allows user to position materials at an angle for trimming if image not perfectly square.

• Laser beam alignment for perfect cutting accuracy. Optional.

• Small, strong rollers along bottom provide greater support of all panels. Simplify handling and ensure accurate cuts. Small waste pieces drop through.

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