Inglet MT481 Mitre Saw for aluminium

Inglet MT481 Single Mitre Saw for Aluminium Profiles

Fast, accurate and safe cutting of a wide variety of aluminium frame and sub-frame profiles. The MT481 saw is ideal for users cutting around 40 frames per day.

TCT blade, 250mm, cuts up from below, so vibration in the blade is absorbed by the unseen and sturdiest part of the profile before it cuts through the top face. This gives a very neat and precise join. Pre-set positions for 45° left, 90° and 45° right cuts.

Unique blade action and a stout polycarbonate cover means that swarf and offcuts are deflected back into the waste chute. They don’t whizz around the workshop at lightning speed as can be the case with normal single blade mitre saws.

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