'Guides to Decorative and French Mats' by Russ Wood

Russ Wood returned to framing and started Grey Owl Framing on his retirement in 2007. Living in Colorado, USA, he is known for his unique decorative mat elements used with paper based media. These elements include single and variegated painted bevels, hand-painted and hand-laid panels, painted and unpainted decorative papers, metal leaf or genuine 22k and 24k gold leaf, embossed or ink lines and painted or gesso laid mats.

Historically, decorative mats with lines and panels have been called “French Mats”. These panels are often done with very pale watercolour washes. While he still does some pale watercolour washes and lines in the traditional French Mat style, most of his lines and panels are now from brighter coloured media which he believes is more appropriate for many designs. View some of Russ’s work at: www.greyowlframing.com. He has now prepared four unique Guides, based on the way he does his decorative mat elements. His work is simple but wonderful. They are beautifully written and detailed with lots of photos and illustrations.

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